Not only does Geojam partner with Rock Stars — we hire them too!

4 min readNov 23, 2021


The Geojam team is $JAM packed with talent. We’d like to introduce you to a few more members of our team and describe their role with Geojam. Oh, and one of them really IS a rock star!

Meet Jon Li — Geojam’s Head of Product and all-around Renaissance Man

Jon Li, Geojam Head of Product

Jon Li is responsible for bringing ideas from paper to launch at Geojam. His day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing product development, engineering, design, marketing and GTM strategy. He has a passion for music and even manages a few artists, including the Cameron Sacky Band, directly. Jon is an advisor to startup businesses and co-founder/advisor at his own startup called FinMango, which seeks to provide financial literacy to underprivileged areas across the globe. Previously, Jon was a 3x founder in the fintech and consumer product industries, raising more than 1.3 million dollars and brokering partnerships with Snapchat and MasterCard. His previous roles included data science in the healthcare space, product management at Roku, and financial engineering at Moody’s.

To stay sharp physically, Jon is an avid surfer, boxer, tennis player, gym rat, and outdoorsman. He is also a well-versed chef (he has a soft spot for dumplings) who releases an annual restaurant pop-up to share his contagious passion with others. Jon currently resides in Los Angeles with his beloved dog, Reggie. He holds a dual B.S. degree from Bucknell University.

Meet Eli Schiff — Geojam’s Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Lead and Celebrity Dealmaker

Eli Schiff, Geojam Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Lead

Eli oversees the onboarding process of A-list creators, partnerships, and sponsorships at Geojam. He is exceptionally skilled at recruiting, negotiating, and fostering strong relationships with creators, agents and managers. Eli most recently launched Charlotte Street Studios (CSS) serving as the head of talent and development in partnership with Ben Silverman, former Electus CEO.

Prior to launching CSS, Eli managed talent and development at Electus, a full-service production studio that creates, produces and sells a broad range of entertainment and branded content domestically and internationally to broadcast, cable and digital/OTT platforms around the world. Eli has also worked with Robert Zemeckis’ Production Company, ImageMovers and Live Nation Entertainment. Eli resides in Los Angeles and holds a B.A. degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Meet Switzon S. Wigfall III — Geojam’s Motion Graphic Designer and CGI/NFT Artist Extraordinaire

Switzon S. Wigfall III, Geojam Motion Graphic Designer, CJI and NFT Artist

Switzon S. Wigfall III or “SSWIII” is a motion graphic designer, CGI artist, VJ and music producer living in Los Angeles, California who is prominent and prolific in the NFT space “digital renaissance,” creating everyday art, vj-loops, short films and experimental beat music.

Switzon turned down a job at Pixar to create amazing new content at Geojam! Check out his portfolio of inspired digital artwork and NFTs:

Meet Gavin Prophet — Geojam’s Community and Marketing Manager and Yes, he’s an actual Rock Star

Gavin Prophet, Geojam Community and Marketing Manager

Gavin focuses on engaging with the Geojam user fan base and strategically implementing digital marketing tactics to increase user gain and retention. Gavin interacts on all social platforms as Geojam and serves as a lead crowd curator and Jambassador.

Gavin understands the Geojam audience from the fan and creator perspective. Born in Northern California, Gavin started drumming at a very early age and taught himself guitar, bass and vocals. Gavin has worked on audio engineering and producing since the age of 14.

In 2012 Gavin formed a band called Lonely Avenue that still actively releases music. Gavin has played hundreds of shows including live tours, music festivals and live streams. Lonely Avenue was signed to a record label in 2018 and has since earned hundreds of thousands of streams and sales.

Gavin has worked with Geojam since the app launched in October 2020 and recently moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the company’s headquarters.




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