Lattice x Geojam AMA recap

The following is the transcript of our AMA with Lattice Exchange on 6th December 2021

A big shoutout and welcome to @sarahfig @geojamsam @justinjayrose from Geojam 🥳

Our AMA will be moderated by the one and only @benjorgensen (and a bit by myself) 🔥

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:08]

Geojam is a social engagement platform that has already generated meaningful, passion-fueled fan engagement with celebrities and backers such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nyjah Huston. In one year, Geojam has garnered tens of thousands of users across iOS devices and has served as a bridge for fans to engage directly with artists, athletes, and influencers.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:08]

With our native token, $JAM, our vision is to build the creator economy of the future that redirects the flow of incentives back into the hands of the creators and users themselves.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:09]

So give us a fun story on how this came about — give us a story you haven’t told anyone.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:09]

Great question!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:09]

lol — I got good questions all day long

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:10]

We set out originally to connect fans at concerts… just as we were launching our iOS app the pandemic hit….

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:11]

I think I caught you off guard on this one.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:12]

So we knew we had to pivot… then Machine Gun Kelly needed help promoting his new album, so we started by putting him on a billboard with fans!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:12]

That changed everything. Crazy fan experiences became our thing!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:13]

Nice — amazing timing! Every entrepreneur had to figure out new angles and approaches — you all got really lucky with creative artists wanting to connect with their fans

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:13]

Yes we did

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:13]

Question 1: What is this creator economy — this has become a buzz word in the traditional venture capital world and you all are making a storm and really owning this concept. First to market in crypto with this concept.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:14]

The $104+ Billion dollar Creator Economy is rapidly defining the future of digital work as nearly 50M+ individuals, ranging from social media influencers, celebrities, artists, YouTubers, and athletes, are building out new monetization strategies alongside loyal followers.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:14]

Cryptocurrency influencers, NFT artists, and entrepreneurs already play a huge role in the creator economy! We are experiencing a massive shift in the exchange of value between content creators and the platforms that profit from them

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:14]

Geojam solves this problem through $JAM, our cryptocurrency, which unlocks incentives to all stakeholders involved in the creator economy.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:15]

So much potential as we take concepts of decentralization to creators that want to move off centralized platforms.

criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST, [06.12.2021 22:15]

Social media meets crypto currency — is this the birth of web 4.0? 😁

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:16]

Yes, centralized platforms are the only ones winning at it’s current state!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:16]

It’s the metaverse of the metaverse. 😉

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:16]

Question 2: Who are you all? Please introduce yourself and give the community a bit more insight on how you came into crypto.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:17]

We are a founding team dedicated to creating incredible opportunities for fans that get creators and artists paid. We are all crypto enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, and each have years of experience in different aspects of the entertainment industry.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:17]

Hi Everyone. I’m Sam Krichevsky, COO, and Co-Founder of Geojam. I have been working with entrepreneurs and startups for the past 13 years. I served as COO of a seed capital investment fund and business accelerator that invested in over 60 tech companies, then I went on to found my own live event production company and worked with some of the largest musical acts in the world. I am very passionate about bringing our platform to the blockchain and all of the opportunities it will open for creators and our existing fanbase

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:17]

Together, we saw that there was a huge gap in the market between fans, brands, and creators.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:17]

I am Sarah Figueroa, CEO and Co-Founder of Geojam. I have been a product designer focusing on UX and interaction design for my own companies and for brands such as Universal and Diageo. I sold my first company at 20, lead sponsorships and experiential marketing for fortune 500 brands, music festivals, and cryptocurrencies. In 2017, I started mining ethereum. For years, I’ve been fascinated by how blockchain could revolutionize the ways in which fans, creators, and brands transact.

Justin Rosenbaum, [06.12.2021 22:18]

I’m Justin Rosenbaum, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder of Geojam. I am an avid math and tokenomics nerd. I spent years in sales and business development at a Fortune 500 company. Additionally, I have been working with artists on the management side by measuring data analytics and audience trends. Cryptocurrency has always been a passion of mine and it allows us to create a 360 degree economy that the world needs.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:19]

[ 😄 Sticker ]

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:19]

When I met you all, I remember Benjamin Diggles saying “Jorgensen, you have to talk with them.” I then really got curious about your approach and that you could bring a fun and rewarding project to build on Constellation. I was extremely excited! I saw a huge opportunity. It was a no brainer for me and the entire Constellation team.

Question 3: In just a short amount of time, you all have made a splash in the crypto world -

What made you choose Constellation to partner with? How are you working with the Constellation team and what has your experience been like working with Constellation and the ecosystem?

hgtp://$LTX Duchess | NEVER DM 1st, [06.12.2021 22:20]

This is such a great way for entertainers to show fan appreciation and grow their fan base.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:21]

From the moment we talked with you and Benjamin Diggles we knew that this was an incredible fit!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:21]

It’s been a really amazing journey! Getting to know and work directly with the Constellation founders, team, and community has been incredibly rewarding and the response from the crypto community has been awesome.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:22]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]

I love it. When we met you guys we thought you were an eclectic bunch 🤪

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:22]


Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:22]

We always knew from the inception of Geojam, that it was designed to be on the blockchain and fueled by a token economy. But existing cryptocurrency token standards and decentralized layer 1 protocols (i.e Ethereum) were slow and had too high of gas fees to support our business model, traditional user base, and fast-paced ecosystem.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:22]

But of course, Constellation’s hypergraph solves all of these problems. So the partnership with Constellation is a perfect fit

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:22]

We peeled the onion for you all! So much opportunity — I think it shows how great of founders you are to explore alternative business models.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:23]

[ 👋 Sticker ]

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:24]

I see what you did there Sam! Your business model of merging concepts of DeFi can only work with a network like Constellation and the L0 Token Standard.

Question 4: How do you see the creator economy merging with crypto economies? What is your vision for blending two different worlds?

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:25]

A huge part of what we are doing at Geojam is bringing the utility of cryptocurrency and blockchain to the mainstream with decentralized social networking. We have tens of thousands of users who we have been educating for the last year on digital currency, with Jam points, when $JAM launches all of users will instantly have wallets.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:25]

Our focus is to bridge the gap between crypto communities and non-crypto users to do so. We have already signed on and will continue to sign on major talent to launch experiences and creator access pools

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:25]

[ 😁 Sticker ]

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:26]

Is it safe to say that you believe that your platform can bring in net new users into the crytpo universe? You are essentially educated the masses about crypto currency but through the lens of celebrities and content creators

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:26]


Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:26]

By extracting some of the concepts of DeFi, we can productize staking pools into various Geojam Pools (Access and Proposal), which create both rewards for featured creators and fans. By tapping into crypto communities, we are able to bring community governance to the forefront of social media.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:27]

We have already seen our userbase grow exponentially since announcing our partnership with Constellation and the launch of $JAM

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:27]

[ 🚀 Sticker ]

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:28]

On that note….You aren’t just working with musicians are you?

Question 5: You all have access to a lot of celebrities — are they excited about this space and the opportunities you are creating? What critical problems are you solving for all stakeholders — customers, content creators, and crypto holders?

criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST, [06.12.2021 22:28]

[In reply to Sarah Figueroa]

So you actually incorporated one of the most prominent DeFi feature in your platform — this is amazing!!!

Can you tell us a little bit more about the mechanics of the Geojam staking pools? :)

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:29]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]

Creators have so much influence on their fans. So education and crypto literacy coming from the people they look up to the most is what will turn it mainstream!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:29]

Sorry @criptix — Geojam — we are just so excited to ask you a million questions!

criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST, [06.12.2021 22:29]

Haha my bad — i was a bit too fast, this might be a really good question for the community part ;)

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:29]

Our celebrity partners are extremely excited about the space, many of them already immersed in the crypto industry. For instance Mariah Carey is already partnered with Gemini.

What excites them most is our approach to the industry. They love connecting with their fans , the idea of being able to directly monetize with their fans and reward their fans for being their biggest evangelists allows them to cut out conglomerates that are profiting from them and not compensating appropriately.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:30]

[In reply to criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST]

Yes! Let’s talk about staking pools!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:31]

[In reply to criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST]

Question 6: Can you tell us a bit more about the mechanics of the Geojam Staking Pools? How is this helping to solve some of these critical problems?

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:32]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]

$JAM redefines the existing creator economy by creating a virtuous cycle between advertisers, creators, and fans (crowds). It allows us to redirect the flow of incentives away from centralized social media conglomerates that capitalize off your engagement and impressions, and back towards the creator economy that generates those engagements and socialization.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:32]

Our products are broken down as follows:

Proposal Pools: Proposals are a form of platform governance where Geojam and user-generated initiatives are requests for features or creator opportunities and require users to stake $JAM to participate. Many of these proposals will ultimately turn into experiences in Creator Access Pools (CAP).

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:32]

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:33]

Let me give you some examples:

- Take us backstage at Coachella for a live stream

- Get Cristiano Ronaldo on Geojam

- Taylor Swift to play a concert in Madrid

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:34]

Really excited about Creator Access Pools!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:34]

These are examples of experiences people can expect to see?

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:34]

Creator Access Pools (CAP): These are pools hosted by a creator. The creator creates unique opportunities that will invite users from crowds to stake $JAM. A user can stake $JAM on the creator’s CAP to unlock direct access to them, experiences, tickets, merchandise, NFT’s, content, etc. Both the creator and the user earn rewards for participation.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:34]

hmmmmmm…. NFT’s built with the Hypergraph… Sounds like that could be fun.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:35]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]

Yes! It’s up to the community to propose whatever they would like in the ecosystem both to Geojam and the creators themselves.

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:35]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]

Can’t wait!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:35]

$JAM will reward creators for their social reach in exchange for providing experiences and opportunities for their fans, restoring the true value of the creator economy.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:35]

NFT’s with no gas fees!

criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST, [06.12.2021 22:36]

[In reply to Sam Krichevsky]

@geojamsam You sir just convinced me that i have to use Geojam so i can meet Cristiano Ronaldo 😏

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:36]

[In reply to criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST]


Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:36]

We will be working alongside Constellation to build the first NFT, using Constellation’s standard, to create an NFT for the world’s most popular creators. The possibilities are endless with multi-use NFT’s that can store more than digital value but also real-world access, experiences, metadata, and advanced governance permissions.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:37]

So a quick summary on the products that you are developing:

Proposal Pools — for platform governance and to get the community to vote on experiences and opportunities on the platform.

Creator Access Pools — ability for the community to enter to win an opportunity and experience with celebrities and content creators.

Sounds like these pools are very similar to the dynamics of Lattice Exchange’s Launchpad.

Which I see you just went live on?!

criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST, [06.12.2021 22:37]

[In reply to Sarah Figueroa]

Geojam using Constellation’s own NFT standard — what kind of alpha is dropped here 👀

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:37]

[In reply to criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST]

Criptix is losing his mind! hahaah

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:38]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]

Exactly very similar to Lattice, staking unlocks access!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:38]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]

Yes! We are LIVE!

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:38]

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:38]

Question 7: When will the $JAM token be integrated into the app? Can people expect to earn JAM by participating in these pools?

Break down the ways someone can use $JAM!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:39]

$JAM will be fully integrated into our iOS with the addition of android app, in Q2 of next year.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:40]

People can earn $JAM by engaging with the platform, voting and creating proposals, and participating in Creator Access Pools!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:41]

moving along pretty quickly. I got to see one of the early examples of an L0 token — things are happening fast.

This is a lot of development — building out the pools, launching a crypto company, and building out the core business.

Question 8: How do you manage all of this — your existing iOS application and business and now your crytpo business?

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:43]

We have an amazing team, and with Constellation’s help we have been able to seamlessly integrate both initiatives. The last couple of months we have been able to find a unique balance, and it now has come together really nicely. We no longer see it as two separate businesses, but one large ecosystem, with the same vision of building the future of the creator economy.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:45]

Amazing! Great work and thanks for the nod!

Question 9: What are some of the key milestones the Geojam team has achieved so far? What are some big things on the horizon — you hinted at NFT’s — — talk more about this! I imagine this could be huge since you have a direct line to celebrities and artists.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:45]

We have established partnerships with many major record labels and management companies including Columbia, Sony, Roc Nation and more.

hgtp://$LTX Duchess | NEVER DM 1st, [06.12.2021 22:45]

Wow 🤩 more Alpha! 😁

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:45]

Our $5.9M token pre-sale, had over $20M+ in commitments and we brought in incredible partners such as GSR, Ethos, Alphabit, Proof Capital, Crypto Lotus, to name a few. We have grown our community and successfully launched on the Synapse Launchpad. Additionally, we have some major partnership announcements that are yet to be announced.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:45]

oh wow — one to many. No fees will make it easier to sell the idea of NFT’s

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:47]

We are really excited for the release of our $JAM Web Portal which will be live shortly after TGE. It will include proposals, creator access pools, and NFT’s.

The creator metaverse is something our team has been developing, hand in hand with our celebrity partners. Creator Access Pools will unlock a whole new world and be the key to escaping into incredible experiences with your favorite creators.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:47]

[In reply to Sarah Figueroa]

Congrats on this momentum so quickly! Clearly people are excited about htis.

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:47]

[In reply to Sarah Figueroa]

SO people will be able to earn NFTs, rewards, and experiences?

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:47]


Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:48]

All of the above

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:48]

This is truly the convergence of crypto and the tangible. What a tough vision to execute against!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:48]

Great job!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:48]

Thank you! Really looking forward to merging these two worlds!

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:49]

Thanks!! We’re so excited to be building the future of the creator economy

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:49]

Crypto today only allows you to earn more crypto — diversification will invite new people into our ecosystem! What a great way to educate people on crypto.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:50]

Yes, tangible experiences, memorabila, & access is new to crypto!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:51]

Zinnnnng… I love that sarah! Crypto unlocks access.

Question 10: It was awesome to see your momentum with Synapse and their launchpad. Tell us about that experience and why you wanted to work with another LaunchPad?

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:51]

We really loved the idea of introducing Geojam to multiple crypto communities, not only do different communities bring multiple perspectives, but also allow us to expand our network. Synapse has been a great partner. We were 120%+ oversubscribed!

hgtp://$LTX Duchess | NEVER DM 1st, [06.12.2021 22:53]

We are so glad the Lattice community will have the opportunity for early access. Thx Sarah!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:53]

Wellllll… I am glad we can bring Geojam to our community. Very thankful having you a part of this!

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:53]

We’re very grateful to be part of this amazing community

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:54]

We are just getting started!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:54]

hahah. Way to take my line Sarah! Last question — then we will open up for questions

Question 11: Are you hiring? How can people get involved before Proposal pools and Creator Access Pools are released?

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:55]

Yes! We are growing in every aspect of our business. We are actively expanding our engineering and marketing team!

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:55]

Head over to our website to check out our job listings!

hgtp://$LTX Duchess | NEVER DM 1st, [06.12.2021 22:56]

[ 🪐 Sticker ]

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:56]

Download the iOS app!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:56]


Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:56]

Lol. I know things.

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:56]


Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:57]

Alright! Share your telegram link in here!

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 22:57]

We’re currently available on iOS in 165 countries around the world!

Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:57]

and twitter link!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:57]

Join our Telegram Community:

For more information:

w: (

e: (






Benjamin J Jorgensen, [06.12.2021 22:57]

@criptix — want to unmute the channels?

criptix | I WILL NEVER PM FIRST, [06.12.2021 22:58]

[In reply to Benjamin J Jorgensen]


Everyone, I will unmute the group now and we have time for community questions — and don’t forget prizes for the best questions ;)

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 22:58]

Let’s do it!

Best community questions:

Scoot87, [06.12.2021 22:59]

Awesome stuff Team! I’ve noticed more traditional, centralized companies (PearPop, creator +, etc), are attempting to address the monetization component of a creator-economy…. How does GeoJam see competition with these companies not leveraging DLT or appending a cryptocurrency to their solution?

My initial thoughts are these traditional companies have been unsuccessful as they have been unable to scale within legacy systems.

Is the business/fandom insight (KPIs) for creators derived from honest data in these creator Pools/interactions a major differentiator that isn’t being talked about enough? Thanks!

Sarah Figueroa, [06.12.2021 23:05]

[In reply to Scoot87]

The biggest downfall of traditional platforms is that they are still taking a major portion of the transactions for themselves. Direct monetization is key. PearPop and others are primarily focused on creator revenue, rather than the fans getting rewarded for promotion, as well. Geojam is creating a 360 degree model where fans and creators can earn together!

eloquentplatypus, [06.12.2021 22:59]

Justin, I’m also a high performing salesperson and a successful crypto investor. Will your elite salesmanship be utilized at Geojam and if so would you mind elaborating on how?

Justin Rosenbaum, [06.12.2021 23:03]

[In reply to eloquentplatypus]

Congratulations on your success! I plan to bring on top brand partners as well as high level creators to our platform. We will continue to bring on artists but expand our partnerships across all mediums.

Shadows, [06.12.2021 23:01]

How are you planning to be world-wide? The idea of mentioning C. Ronaldo will bring most Portugese speaking countries onboard… Is this the plan for mass awareness of GeoJam?

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 23:02]

[In reply to Shadows]

Absolutely! Geojam is already a global platform and we plan to have communities set up all over the world in their native languages. We have launched an ambassador program and have plans to launch native language initiatives in the first part of next year

Sam Krichevsky, [06.12.2021 23:03]

[In reply to Sam Krichevsky]

We also plan to follow Constellation’s path and enter in Spanish speaking communities in the near future



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Geojam is a web3 social media platform dedicated to the world’s creators, including Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, and more. Not financial advice.