Join the $JAM with Geojam: the popular social media music-streaming app that’s creating a new crypto — the $JAM token

Launched in 2020, GeoJam is a rewards-based social media and music-streaming app that has already attracted tens of thousands of users to its popular IOS platform and provided excited fans with unparalleled engagement opportunities with celebrities like Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly and Nyjah Huston.

Geojam captures the essence of music, sports and other forms of entertainment as a social experience by enabling crowds of fans to form around musicians and celebrities and share their common interests.

Geojam is the evolution of passive social media engagement (e.g., tweeting, posting, sharing), encouraging a two-way dialogue and interaction between artists, creators and their fans through a rewards-based system where users earn “Jam points” and compete for prizes by engaging with the app and participating in various tasks such as streaming videos or sharing music and inviting friends to join.

And the prizes are unbelievably cool. Check out this Geojam user who won a private jet trip and shopping spree with rap star, 24KGoldn. He won the experience through GeoJam with Jam points by streaming 24KGoldn’s newest song release 600 times!

So where does the $JAM crypto token come in?
We’re upgrading our Jam rewards points system to integrate the benefits of decentralized finance with the $JAM utility token — paving the way forward in the new creator economy!

The $JAM token will play a key role on the platform. Each crowd of fans around a creator forms an economy where fans can earn $JAM cryptocurrency through the existing rewards program on the platform. Not only can fans use their $JAM tokens as in-app money to purchase merchandise in the $JAM shop, but each creator can create a pool where fans in their crowd can stake the $JAM tokens they earn.

Staking tokens is like buying a Certificate of Deposit in a bank, where you lock your tokens up for a set period of time, earning interest on the tokens in exchange. This interest is calculated as annual percentage yield or “APY” and is paid back to fans and to the creator as $JAM tokens. The staking pools also offer tiered rewards and experiences to fans who participate. The more $JAM tokens a fan stakes to a particular creator’s pool, the better their chance to earn a once-in-a-lifetime experience with that creator.

Users can also stake their $JAM tokens into “proposal pools” where they can propose ideas for creator experiences to be offered through the platform. If the proposal is accepted by the creator, the participants will receive an APY reward on their staked $JAM. The experience will then be featured as a Geojam offering in a creator’s pool.

Geojam X Constellation = a Winning Team!

Geojam has partnered with Constellation Labs to create the $JAM token running on Constellation’s Hypergraph transfer protocol. After an extensive review of various blockchain solutions, we found that Constellation’s Hypergraph was hands-down the best of the bunch with its incredible speed, infinite scalability and zero-fee token protocol. We needed a solution that would be seamless for our users, and Constellation fit the bill perfectly.

$JAM Token Launch
$JAM will be launching on Constellation’s Lattice Exchange in the coming weeks. Investors will be able to purchase $JAM token allocations at the initial public sale price through the Lattice Exchange Launchpad by purchasing and staking Lattice’s $LTX tokens to guarantee their spot.

Stay tuned to learn more about securing your allocation of $JAM!




Geojam is a web3 social media platform dedicated to the world’s creators, including Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, and more. Not financial advice.

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Geojam is a web3 social media platform dedicated to the world’s creators, including Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, and more. Not financial advice.

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