Jamathon Hackathon Event — $100,000 in rewards

2 min readJan 15, 2024


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Welcome to the Jamathon, where creativity meets the blockchain! Join us in building and enhancing our ecosystem and enter to earn from our $100,000 prize-pool in $JAM.

  • Grow the Geojam Community
  • Blockchain & Geojam Ecosystem Innovation
  • Impactful decentralized applications that use $JAM
  • Enhance Geojam’s user experience

Grow the Geojam Community; connect with fellow enthusiasts and contribute to the growth of our vibrant community. Create groundbreaking decentralized applications that utilize $JAM for real-world impact. Unleash your creativity in refining Geojam’s user interactions and contributing to a seamless Web3 experience.

To submit your ideas, you need to register on the TAIKAI platform → go to the “Jamathon” page and click the “Create Project” button on the top right. Ensure that you adhere to the guidelines when submitting your project. Present your most outstanding work with clarity, paying careful attention to the judging criteria!

Make sure you clearly present your project by providing thorough explanations, showing and explaining your work, and clearly presenting any code you have developed. Make sure that your submission shows a transparent and detailed overview of your project, emphasizing both the conceptual aspects and the technical implementation with communication and demonstration of your code. You are encouraged to make a video and submit GitHub links if applicable.

We will communicate via Discord. If you have any questions about the challenge, please send an email to contact@geojam.com and join us in Geojam’s #Jamathon Discord channel.

Geojam Team Leaders will host weekly office hours for anyone that wants to ideate with us or ask questions as well.

Important Dates to Mark:

  • Hackathon Duration: January 3rd — January 24th, 2024
  • Submission Deadline: January 24th, 2024
  • Judging & Winner Announcement: February 5th, 2024

Engineering: $35K
Cutting-Edge Solutions: Explore the potential of Geojam’s JAM smart contracts, delve into Web3 gaming, and pioneer cross-chain integrations.

Marketing: $50K
Craft Compelling Narratives: Shape the future of Geojam’s outreach with inventive marketing strategies and impactful campaigns. Drive community engagement like never before.

Geojam App: $15K
Revolutionize UI/UX Designs: Transform the Geojam experience by proposing tailored strategies for LLM, growth hacking, and product marketing. Earn recognition for impactful improvements.

Audience: Creators and tech enthusiasts passionate about Web3 Social. It’s a dynamic blend of marketing savvy and smart contract development where creativity meets innovation.




popping your friends’ bubbles so you don’t have to 🫧 not investment advice. JAM Token is intended to be used solely as a utility token and not as a security.