How To Stake $JAM | Steps & Information

2 min readMay 3, 2022

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Follow these steps in order to stake your $JAM, become a content operator, gain access to exclusive perks, and more:

  1. Head over to the Jam Portal from the Geojam website. We suggest you additionally create an account so that you can more closely engage within our Geojam community!
  2. Select ‘Jam Staking Pool’ on the left side of the page to see pool details, additional staking instructions, and to connect your wallet to stake.
  3. Select ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top-right of the page. Currently, the Jam Portal accepts connection from a MetaMask wallet. We are working to include additional wallets, such as the Stargazer wallet — coming soon!
  4. Log into your MetaMask wallet, choose at least 250,000 $JAM, and ‘approve’ the transaction. You must approve the transaction before you can stake your $JAM. Ethereum smart contracts require every user to approve the use of their funds before they can do anything with them.
  5. After the approval of the staking transaction, you will need to deposit & stake your tokens. Both of these actions are smart contract functions, and they’ll be subject to network fees. Once approval is completed, you’ll need to confirm the second deposit & staking transaction.

Geojam’s content operators act as the backbone of the Geojam Social Platform and will be responsible for validating content, reports, engagement, and trends. The nodes will store reporting and engagement-metadata to feed AI and machine learning within the ecosystem, giving you an optimized feed of quality content. The content & data will not be stored or moderated by Geojam, but rather by decentralized networks.

Stake a minimum of 250k $JAM and become a Content Operator by May 5th to get the Geojam Backstage Pass! You’ll gain access to a private content operator chat, specific Geojam events, and more!

Content operators must run up to 2 validations per week to provide accurate moderation and issuance to the network. These content operators are vital in protecting platform users and ensuring that misleading, hateful, or unacceptable content is removed. These decentralized nodes will also validate transactions, proposals, and contests to provide security and efficiency to the network.

More opportunities will become available in the future to further increase your potential as a member of the JAM ecosystem — giving you an opportunity to prove your trust and govern the ecosystem.




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