How to get an early allocation of $JAM tokens by staking on the Lattice Launchpad

After a (very) successful token fundraise on the Synapse network, Geojam is holding a new $JAM token fundraise on the Lattice Launchpad through Lattice Exchange!

WHEN: Monday 6th Dec at 1:30pm PT/ 9:30pm UTC to Saturday 11th Dec at 1:30pm PT/9:30pm UTC


Here’s how you can participate:

First, to participate in any project launch on the Lattice Launchpad, you’ll need to buy and stake Lattice $LTX tokens. Geojam is one of the new projects launching on Lattice, so you’ll have to buy and stake $LTX tokens to participate in the $JAM token fundraise and receive your token allocation.

Geojam is allocating $200 000 worth of $JAM tokens to $LTX stakers at an Initial Launchpad Offering (ILO) price of $0.005 per token.

How $LTX Staking Works

The process is simple and is explained in detail further down, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Sign in to the Lattice Launchpad at:
  2. Choose the GeoJam project

3. Stake $LTX in one, two or all three Geojam staking pools

4. Get your $LTX back after the staking period ends

5. Find out how much USDT worth of $JAM tokens you can buy

6. Buy your $JAM tokens at the ILO price

7. Receive your $JAM tokens in your wallet

Staking Pools and $JAM Token Allocations Explained:

The Lattice Launchpad provides 3 different staking pools, and Geojam wants to raise $200 000 in token sales at the price of $0.005 per token. If Geojam splits the funds equally among the 3 pools then there will be $66 666 worth of $JAM tokens to be allocated to each pool for purchase at the $0.005 ILO price.

None of the pools has a limit for the number of users allowed to stake or a total limit on $LTX being staked in the pool.

There will only be an $LTX limit per user depending on the staking pool.

Staking pools look like this:

  • Pool A: Max staking amount per user = 3000 $LTX
  • Pool B: Max staking amount per user = 10000 $LTX
  • Pool C: Max staking amount per user = No Limit

NOTE: We strongly recommend staking into the 3000 limit pool first and then moving to the 10 000 limit pool and then finally into the no limit pool if you have more than 13000 $LTX tokens to stake. The reason for this is that no single user can stake more than each pool’s limit, and this encourages a more fair distribution of pool ownership.

The $JAM token allocation you receive would then be proportional to your percentage ownership of the staking pool.

Let’s say you stake only into Pool A and own 1% of it. This means you can fund the project with 660 USDT/USDC and you would receive 132 000 JAM tokens (660 USDT/ 0.005 USDT per token).

You could also stake in multiple pools as described above:

Let’s say you stake in Pool A and own 1% of it, then you stake in Pool B and also own 1% of it. This would mean you can fund the project with 1320 USDT and you would be able to purchase 264 000 $JAM (1320 USDT / 0.005 USDT per token).

Allocation will be weighted for the LTX amount being staked in each pool plus a time bonus (2 or 3% extra for the early stakers, for instance) which will be decided by Geojam. This means the sooner you stake the better!

Now we’ll do a detailed walk-through:

Step 1 of 7: Buy $LTX

The first step in the participation process is to obtain $LTX tokens on one of the following exchanges:

Uniswap (No KYC)

KuCoin (No KYC and up to 2 BTC withdrawal per day)

Bithumb Global (No KYC and up to 1 BTC withdrawal per day)

Liquid Global (KYC optional)

Here’s a detailed walk-thru if you need it:

Step 2 of 7: Move $LTX to your Wallet

After obtaining $LTX tokens from an exchange, you need to move them to one of the following platform-supported wallets:

Step 3 of 7: Create an Account on Lattice Exchange

After you have your $LTX tokens in your wallet, you need to create an account on our platform — don’t forget to follow the link in the confirmation email to activate your account (be sure to check your spam folder too!):

and complete the KYC process which will include a selfie and ID ( Passport, ID Card, Resident Permit or Driver’s License ) verification:

A detailed and simple walkthrough can be viewed here: Lattice Account Creation and KYC Portal Walkthrough

Please note that each Launchpad project will have its own KYC requirements, which will determine a user’s eligibility to participate in the staking process.

Note: Since Geojam is a U.S.-based company and the SEC enforces an “accredited investor” rule for U.S. citizens to participate in initial fundraises like this one, U.S. citizens must be excluded from participation. (Yeah, we know… this is a big bummer for us too!)

Step 4 of 7: Stake Your $LTX

A video walk through of the full process can be found below, followed by a written step-by-step tutorial.

Video Walk-through:

Written Walk-through:

You then need to choose the specific address you want to use for staking, keeping in mind the following:

  • The address is connected to your user account and KYC
  • The address will be whitelisted for the Launchpad project allocation pools if you are eligible to participate in the Launchpad project
  • If you change your address you will NOT be able to stake.

When the staking phase begins, a new staking widget will appear on the right side, which will allow you to:

  • Choose the staking pool you wish to participate in. Each pool has a different $LTX limit per user:
  • If you choose a “2500 LTX Limit” pool, you will only be able to stake 2500 $LTX (we recommend starting with this pool and staking the max before going to the next higher limit pool)
  • Note — Geojam has a 3000 LTX Limit pool vs a 2500 Limit pool.
  • If you choose the “No Limit” pool, you will be able to stake as many $LTX tokens as you like.
  • Stake your $LTX tokens in your chosen allocation pool:
  • Input the amount of $LTX tokens you wish to stake, which is equal to or lower than the maximum allowed limit.

You are able to stake in one or multiple allocation pools.

You can also stake multiple times in one pool as long as you do not exceed the pool limit.

The staking consists of two transactions:

  1. The approval transaction (See below about “Allowance Limits for Launchpad Staking”)
  2. The deposit transaction

You will need to confirm two transactions with your Wallet.

Please note that the confirmation time depends on your chosen transaction fees and the Ethereum network activity/congestion at that time.

Allowance Limits for Launchpad Staking

The allowance function makes it possible for our smart contract to stake the $LTX on behalf of the respective $LTX holder.

Ethereum works similarly. This is why you always need to “Approve” the token allowance first before you confirm swap transactions on a DEX.

A lot of DApps automatically set the allowance to unlimited which is simpler and usually a bit more cost-effective, but in general this is considered a bad practice and less secure (more information on this topic here).

With this in mind, our Launchpad is offering two options for our users:

  • The first option, “Proposed Approval Limit”, reflects the $LTX amount you originally submitted to stake. This is a simpler option for those that just want to stake and be done with it.

However, this will cost a little bit more if you decide to stake more tokens, as they will require additional approve function calls of our smart contract and thus additional transaction fees.

  • The second option is a custom option called “Custom Limit Spend”, which allows for more flexibility and control, with less overall fees. In short, you can stake UP TO your chosen allowance across all the project pools at once without paying network fees for additional approve function calls — this means you can stake in more than one pool while you only pay one “token approval” transaction fee.

Step 5 of 7: Withdraw your $LTX

Staking phases typically last a few days. After the staking phase finishes, you can withdraw your $LTX tokens to your wallet address.

In order to withdraw your tokens from the allocation staking pools you simply need to:

  • Go to the Launchpad project page you participated in
  • Choose your staking pool
  • Click on the “Release funds” button in the staking widget
  • Confirm the withdraw transaction in your wallet

In case you staked in multiple pools you will need to repeat the above steps for each pool you staked in.

Please note that the confirmation time depends on your chosen transaction fees and the Ethereum network activity/congestion at that time.

Step 6 of 7: Receive your allocation and buy your $JAM

The Lattice Launchpad Geojam Project Page will inform you about your pool allocation amount, and you will also receive an email with these details.

Funding itself will occur using a cryptocurrency chosen by Geojam project, which will be USDT in this case.

Step 7 of 7: Receive your $JAM tokens in your wallet

The final step requires no action. You simply need to wait for your Geojam $JAM tokens to be distributed to your wallet by the Launchpad project team.




Geojam is a web3 social media platform dedicated to the world’s creators, including Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, and more. Not financial advice.

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Geojam is a web3 social media platform dedicated to the world’s creators, including Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, and more. Not financial advice.

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