Geojam’s Vision For Mass-Adoption

5 min readMar 27, 2023


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In the world of technology and web3, over-complication is everywhere. At Geojam, we’re breaking the mold and blazing a trail toward the widespread adoption of our platform and JAM Token. We’d like to update our community on the expansion of the Geojam Token ecosystem:

  • The Geojam app will be replaced by an engaging, mainstream application.
  • The current app will relaunch as ‘Jam Backstage.’

We are currently building out two new products for our Jam Portal:

  • Content Operator Portal
  • Data Discovery Mode

We’re excited to bring this vision to life, and we’ve learned that starting with simplicity is the key to long-term success.

AI will be a major component of all products in the Geojam Ecosystem. We are creating machine learning that will revolutionize the way people share on social media.

Geojam’s March Release

Users are looking for an easy-to-use web3 social platform to connect with friends, communities, and brands they love without unnecessary complexity. We’ve researched and tested, and Geojam is simplifying our UX and UI. We believe this will make the app more fun and engaging, addressing the concerns of overwhelmed social media users out there and paving the way for future long-term growth and mass adoption of the platform.

Our AI algorithms generate prompts for you to take the stress out of sharing! Our app allows users to connect with friends, brands, and communities in a meaningful way, opening up endless possibilities for exciting daily engagement and experiencing moments together with the world.

The 90–9–1 principle, a phenomenon observed in online communities, social networks, and other forms of user-generated content, states that in any online community, 90% of users are passive observers who only consume content without contributing, 9% are semi-active users who occasionally comment or share, and only 1% are highly active users who create the majority of content and drive engagement online. This is because most people feel stressed about posting and usually don’t post at all.

Our extensive testing and research revealed that users are uncertain and don’t know what to post on socials. To address this concern, we are implementing AI-generated prompts that take the stress out of posting. These prompts will make it much easier for users to post regularly without feeling pressured to come up with new content every day.

It starts with daily prompts…

Everyone gets the same daily prompt each day, and you can only see what your favorite people post if you post yourself. This encourages users to feel more incentivized to share through excitement, FOMO, and overall engagement. Daily prompts help build a sense of community and encourage users to connect with each other. When users see that others are responding to the same prompt, they’ll be more likely to comment on each other’s posts, share their thoughts and experiences, and engage with the community.

And daily prompts are just the beginning… That’s why we also have weekly and monthly prompts that are more in-depth and competition-based, which is exactly what you’re used to with Geojam. These prompts are like the classic competitions that you’ve seen already. They offer users the opportunity to earn $JAM and real-world rewards by creating and sharing high-quality content. These competitions are already driving mainstream brand partnerships because of the proprietary use of AI. Once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences, moments, and memorabilia will continue to grow as we grow! We’re continuing our dedication to connecting people like no other, AND just wait because “FOR YOU” prompts are right around the corner, and they’re going to change social media forever.

So by offering these prompts, we’re able to take user engagement to the next level. Not only do these prompts encourage users to create and share more, but they also inspire competition, drive participation, and the use of the JAM token. Users can compete with each other to see who can create the best content and who can earn the most rewards!

This type of rewards-based competition can be incredibly motivating for users and help drive engagement and activity on our platform. Users will be more likely to participate and share their content, which will ultimately help increase our user base and build a stronger community on Geojam. We’re also adding streaks and additional platform competitions for users to earn even more JAM! This will help drive further engagement and rewards on our platform.

We’re thrilled to tell our community that we’re expanding our application offerings in order to more strongly serve each of Geojam’s purposes. Jam Backstage will fuel the governance of our ecosystem and will be a new, separate app that helps our main Geojam app flourish and grow to fit the needs of the community with proposals and polls! The Geojam governance platform will be maintained and operated by the community in conjunction with the Geojam team and developers. $JAM holders can choose to participate in this program.

In the beginning, we believe this new stripped-back approach will help our app achieve mass adoption and JAM Token utility. As we see more engagement and activity on the platform, we will be able to grow and expand more long-term features that our users know and love.

We are thrilled to unveil our new additions to the ecosystem, which will maximize the utility of our JAM Token. We are streamlining our technology with AI to ensure optimal engagement and activity on the platform and setting the stage for exciting long-term expansion that our users will love. Our vision remains as ambitious as ever, and we’re confident that this approach will allow us to achieve even greater success in building the Web3 Fan economy. Get ready to experience the future of social media with us!




popping your friends’ bubbles so you don’t have to 🫧 not investment advice. JAM Token is intended to be used solely as a utility token and not as a security.