Geojam’s Staking Content Operator enrollment is back open!

1 min readApr 3, 2024


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Stake $JAM, earn up to 10% APY as Content Operator! 🎁

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Enrollment opens April 4th, 2024! 🎉

JAM Token Requirements
To participate, you are required to stake a minimum of 200,000 JAM tokens. This threshold is the sweet-spot for users’ commitment to the benefit of the platform.

Enrollment and Lockup Periods
We’ll open a two-month enrollment period that users can stake tokens; rewards start accruing from the day of staking. Following the enrollment period, staked tokens will have a nine-month lockup period.

Rewards and APY
Rewards will distribute among participants based on their staked JAM amount and duration. The APY for users who enroll in the first month is 10%, and for users who enroll in the second month is 8%.

Reward-Opportunities for Content Operators
We offer several opportunities for content operators to earn rewards and contribute to the platform’s ecosystem. Content Operators earn rewards by:

  • Staking $JAM
  • Verifying transactions
  • Content Moderation
  • AI training
  • Talent Portal dispute resolution

We are revolutionizing the intersection of mainstream SocialFi, AI, and Web3. Now is the perfect time to join our first-class staking program and be part of the larger Geojam ecosystem!




popping your friends’ bubbles so you don’t have to 🫧 not investment advice. JAM Token is intended to be used solely as a utility token and not as a security.