Geojam August ’22 Newsletter!

3 min readAug 25, 2022

Welcome to our August Newsletter. We’ve got plenty of exciting updates to share! Join our mailing list here for the latest and greatest on all things Geojam.

Geojam 2.0 Beta Launch!

We’ve officially launched our beta app! We have been getting incredible feedback on the new features. Our Backstage Pass NFT holders also have access to our beta! We will be releasing Geojam 2.0 to the public in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Geojam hosted an LA Tech Week mixer! 🎉

LA Tech Week was last week, and of course we hosted an event at our HQ. We met some amazing investors, web3 fanatics, and creators who all love what we do and are joining our platform! We’ve made some great connections and we’re looking forward to experience moments together.

Geojam Content Creator Days 🎵

We hosted our first ever $JAM Content Day at HQ which was a massive success. We had influencers from all over the world come through with millions of followers, and yes, they’re getting on Geojam 2.0! We will continue to host these bi-weekly and had our 2nd content day this Wednesday.

HyDef ’22 Conference

Geojam hosted the HyDef ’22 Conference powered by our partners at Constellation Network. We released our State of $JAM Keynote which has been getting a ton of hype. Make sure to check it out here if you haven’t already watched it.

Splash House Activation 💦

Two of our partners went to Palm Springs for Splash House, promoting Geojam 2.0. We received a ton of downloads and new users that are loving, posting, and engaging in our beta app on a daily basis! We’d like to thank the following sponsors for participating in our activation: Liquid Death Mountain Water, Red Bull, Trust Me Vodka, Octavio Tequila, Avana, and Coco Cocktail.




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