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2 min readFeb 8, 2023


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Sharding is a technique used in the field of blockchain technology to increase the scalability and processing power of a network. In a sharded blockchain, the network is divided into smaller, independent parts called shards, each of which can process transactions and store data in parallel.

The idea behind sharding is to distribute the workload of the network across multiple shards, allowing for greater processing capacity and improved efficiency. This can help to reduce congestion and improve the overall speed and performance of the network. Sharding is being explored as a potential solution for addressing some of the scalability issues that are commonly faced by blockchain networks, particularly those that have become too large or complex to be efficiently managed by a single node.

Sharding in crypto is widely considered a value-add because it offers several advantages over traditional, non-sharded blockchain networks. These include:

  1. Scalability: Sharding allows for an increase in the processing capacity of a blockchain network, which can help to accommodate increased numbers of transactions and users.
  2. Performance: By distributing the workload of a network across multiple shards, sharding can improve the overall performance and speed of the network, reducing congestion and increasing efficiency.
  3. Security: In a sharded blockchain, each shard operates independently, which can help to improve security by reducing the attack surface of the network.
  4. Cost Savings: Sharding can help to reduce the resource requirements for participating in a blockchain network, which can result in cost savings for users and nodes.

Sharding offers a way to address scalability and performance issues faced by growing blockchain networks, while also offering potential benefits in terms of security and cost.




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