About Geojam and JAM

Geojam is where mainstream SocialFi and AI come together to democratize the value of social engagement and data.

2 min readFeb 19, 2024

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The Geojam ecosystem is composed of a mobile application and web tools that give token holders the tools needed to grow and maintain the network.

  • Our mobile application reached #13 in the Social Networking category, showcasing our AI innovation and commitment to making an impact
  • Global reach, influential backers, and a partnership with William Morris Endeavor (WME), Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyga, and more.

Geojam’s groundbreaking approach seamlessly combines machine learning and AI to spearhead the democratization of sharing and combat content monopolization. Through the innovative use of machine learning algorithms, Geojam ensures a personalized and engaging user experience, prompting individuals on content creation while challenging the dominance of a select few in the social media landscape.

Furthermore, Geojam’s commitment to user empowerment extends to secure data storage, providing individuals with the tools to monetize their abundant social capital meticulously cultivated by the platform’s AI capabilities. The value of user-generated content and data becomes a decentralized asset, shifting the narrative from conglomerate platforms profiting to users gaining control over their digital presence.

Our ecosystem and business suite consists of several channels by which brands, creators, and users can utilize the Jam Token. Users can monetize their data on the application. Our trend tracker allows content operators to help train our AI and get rewarded. Our talent portal allows users, brands, and creators to transact for world-class talent in a decentralized protocol.

Our products

Geojam Mobile Application — Download here: https://l.ead.me/geojamdownload-ig

Talent Portal — In beta, launching in Q1 2024: https://www.geojam.xyz/talentportal

Jam Portal: https://app.geojam.com/dashboard

AI Tools: Available for Content Operators




popping your friends’ bubbles so you don’t have to 🫧 not investment advice. JAM Token is intended to be used solely as a utility token and not as a security.